ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares 5 of the Many Tasks Involved in Professional Disaster Restoration in West Chester, PA

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Professional disaster restoration is a broad term.

You know that when fire or water damage occurs at your West Chester, PA, home or business, something needs to be done. But perhaps you’re not sure what that something entails when it comes to working with a professional disaster restoration company like ServiceMaster by ARTec.

Today, we’re going to share some detailed information about the different tasks we perform during our professional disaster restoration process.

Before we get to those tasks, know this: Our team of trained technicians will do everything in their power to make sure your West Chester, PA, home or business is brought back to its pre-disaster state. We’ve seen every disaster under the sun, and we know we have the tools and knowledge to help you.

Here are a few examples of the myriad of different tasks we perform during professional disaster restoration:

  • Roof repairs & tarps – Whether a fire burned through your roof or severe snow damage and ice dams compromised it, we can repair it. We also provide tarps prior to construction to ensure no additional debris makes its way into the property.
  • Emergency plumbing services – With a situation such as a burst pipe, your plumbing situation can get tricky in a hurry. Regardless of the cause, we’ll step in and fix any structural issues with your plumbing as soon as possible.
  • Restoration or art – If you have beloved art work or photos in your home that have soot and smoke damage, we can restore them back to looking picture-perfect.
  • Construction and electrical services – Your home or business has tons of interrelated parts. When one section is compromised, it has an impact on the rest of the property. We’ll inspect your home for all structural issues and begin repairs, including work with complex electric components around the home.
  • Pack out and content storage – It’s important to remove susceptible items from the home and get them somewhere safe as soon as possible. We’ll transport your cherished goods to our storage facilities soon after we arrive on the scene.

The list of tasks we can and will perform is lengthy.

We share these examples because we want you to know that ServiceMaster by ARTec is equipped to handle any and every variable involved in professional disaster restoration.

After all, we’re talking about your West Chester, PA, home or business, which is your prized possession. You want to make sure it’s in the hands of a company that can handle the process from stat to finish. We’re that company.

If you’re in need of professional disaster restoration services, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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