An Insight into the Procedures to be Avoided During Mold Cleanup

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Mold growing in your King of Prussia, PA, home is a concerning problem. Mold damages the things it’s growing on, like furnishings and building materials, has a very unsightly appearance, and can create very bad odors. Due to these reasons, taking urgent steps to remove mold from your home is very important. By hiring ServiceMaster by ARTec for professional mold cleanup, you will have the assurance that all the necessary steps will be taken to thoroughly eradicate mold from your home.

In addition, our technicians will trace the underlying cause for the mold growth, such as water damage, dampness, or a moisture problem, and fix the issue so the mold doesn’t resurface after the mold removal work is finished.

In the following sections we will review a few of the important points that homeowners should remain aware of before mold cleanup work is started.


Mold Cleanup and the Aspects to Keep Note Of

Aspect #1: Mold Remediation Work and Associated Tests

According to experts, performing tests or sampling to check whether mold is growing in your home is not necessary in situations where mold growth is clearly noticeable.

It’s worth mentioning here that even if tests are performed, they would be of very little value. This is due to the fact that there are no specific standards that specify what would be an acceptable level of mold growth in a home. Thus, any test performed won’t have sufficient comparison data to judge whether the mold growing in your home is above or under any acceptable level.

However, testing may be required if the results are to be used as part of any litigation, utilized for insurance matters, or other related purposes.


Aspect #2: Procedures to be Avoided During Mold Cleanup

When you hire experts for mold cleanup, you get the assurance that correct procedures will be followed. One example is the use of ozone generators during mold cleanup.

Experienced professionals try to avoid using ozone generators during mold removal work since they are aware of the fact that ozone can have harmful effects on health. Moreover, ozone generators haven’t proven to be very effective in fixing mold problems in homes.

Also, when it comes to effective mold cleanup, the lack of proper containment zones and air flow during the cleanup process must be avoided. Professional mold remediation experts utilize dedicated containment zones and proper air movement during mold cleanup to keep mold spores and contaminated debris from migrating to unaffected areas of your home.

From the details above it’s clear that mold cleanup is a task that needs to be conducted carefully to achieve the desired results. The experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the required experience, certification, equipment, and solutions to perform mold removal. Our technicians also perform cleanup work by following industry standards to ensure you don’t have to worry about mold problems after we complete the work.


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If you think your home may have a mold issue, contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002. Our experts will reach your home in King of Prussia, PA, analyze the severity of the mold problem, examine the reasons that may be causing the mold issue, and provide you with a detailed report of the work that needs to be performed.

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