Prepare for Winter in Philadelphia by Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides carpet cleaning services throughout the Philadelphia area.

The time of year is upon us when the windows are closed and sealed, the doors are insulated once again, and your home is generally sequestered off from the rest of the world in preparation for the winter months ahead.

The checklist for getting your home ready for winter can be lengthy. Crawling behind the furnace to access and change or clean the filter is one of those chores people put off until the last possible minute.

But, what about carpet cleaning in your Philadelphia, PA home? Most people don’t associate carpet cleaning with home winter preparation, but you probably should.

Think about all the dirt, dust, leaves, pollen, small insects, and who-knows-what-else that has managed to find its way into your home during the last few months. And all of it has had ample time to work its way into your carpets, deep enough to be secure from the rolling brushes of most vacuum cleaners.

So, while you’re sealing up your home from winter’s impending bitter cold, you’re also sealing in all the potential skin, eye, and respiratory irritants now patiently packed and waiting within your carpets.

Deep carpet cleaning can require powerful, expensive equipment, as well as the right mix of chemicals and carpet cleaning knowledge. If you want your carpets to be clean and fresh for the cold months to come, you should rely on carpet cleaning professionals.

ServiceMaster by ARTec offers a full range of carpet cleaning services, from preliminary inspection to spot and stain pre-treatment and from a special pre-application of products for loosening ground-in detritus to a powerful deep clean and rinse process. Finally, we provide a post-treatment of any remaining stains. We do it all.

If you want professional carpet cleaning performed in Philadelphia, Media, West Chester, Ardmore, or Clifton Heights, PA, give ServiceMaster by ARTec a call today!

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