ServiceMaster by ARTec Wants to Help You Prepare for Unexpected Winter Home Damage in New Castle, DE

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Most people probably don’t think of New Castle, DE as a winter storm capital, but after a coastal blizzard blew through in January leaving over 8 inches of snow in some counties, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared.


The disaster restoration team at ServiceMaster by ARTec knows that it’s never a good idea to get complacent when it comes to home safety, especially during the tumultuous winter months when winter home damage can come in a huge variety of forms.


Severe winter home damage may be caused by blizzards, water pipe damage, ice dams, and more when you live anywhere in the U.S. that flirts with below freezing temperatures for months on end. Since it’s virtually impossible to be prepared for all of the above at any given time, the best thing you can do is have a basic action plan in place in the event of winter home damage.


This doesn’t have to be an illustrated pamphlet on what to do if your bathroom pipes burst, but you should have a general idea of what steps you’ll need to take in the event of a sudden disaster. It can simply be a list of who to call for disaster restoration, what to take with you, and where you’ll go when winter home damage occurs.


Disaster restoration is most effective when the recipient has their documentation in order before the disaster strikes. This means you should have copies of your homeowner documentation, insurance information, and personal information in a secondary (even digital) location.


This is a great idea year-round but can be especially vital after winter home damage has occurred as travel may be limited due to weather conditions. Thanks to the age of technology we live in, having accessible back-ups is easier than ever, but they won’t help you unless you actually remember to make them in advance.


As we round the corner into winter in New Castle, DE, being prepared for winter home damage becomes more important each passing day. In the event your home is impacted by a weather event or unexpected disaster, the disaster restoration team at ServiceMaster by ARTec is available for consultations and disaster restoration services. For additional information, call us today at (610) 626-9002, or visit our website here.

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