ServiceMaster by ARTec Provides Tips on How You Can Prepare Your Home for Storm Damage in Philadelphia, PA

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Storm damage can come in all shapes and sizes in Philadelphia, PA. After a wild storm you may end up with a single cracked window or stuck with a caved-in roof. The extent of the damage generally relies on three core factors: how strong the storm was, how prepared you were for hazardous weather, and, tragically, simple bad luck. Understanding how to prepare for storms is a multi-step process for homeowners, and ServiceMaster by ARTec recommends a few simple steps to help ensure you’re storm damage ready this season.


Preparedness is something that’s difficult to quantify when it comes to storms. Even an accurate forecast will have a difficult time telling you exactly what to expect for your home in particular. There are so many factors involved in hazardous weather that you just can’t be ready for all of them, but you can be ready for some.


It’s helpful when preparing for hazardous weather to know what is and isn’t common in your area. Since so much of storm damage relies around luck, the safest option is to prepare for the common things and improvise if the unexpected happens. Take into account the location of your home, when it was built, and what sorts of severe weather has occurred historically in your neighborhood. You can’t necessarily rule out certain hazards completely, but if you live at the top of a steep hill, flooding may not be a risk.


Wind damage, flooding, roof damage, and landscape damage are all fairly common byproducts of hazardous weather in Pennsylvania. Some simple precautions you can take prior to hazardous weather includes closing outside doors, boarding windows, and having large lawn shrapnel removed before a storm hits. It’s also a good idea to make a storm damage plan in advance so you know who to contact if some of that bad luck reaches your property.


Making a storm damage plan before hazardous weather happens is one of the best things you can do to protect your home. Similar to a home fire plan, a storm damage plan should simply be a collection of plans and resources to have on hand if damage occurs. When making a storm damage plan, being sure that you have contact information for disaster restoration professionals is important to incorporate. Since you can’t plan for everything, you can rely on storm damage experts who have seen it all.


If your Philadelphia, PA, home has been impacted by storm damage or affected by any type of hazardous weather this season, ServiceMaster by ARTec can provide all the help and recovery resources that you need. Contact us today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here for additional information.

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