ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares 3 Guarantees That Help Us to Stand Out as a Philadelphia, PA, Disaster Restoration Company

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Words matter to all of us. When someone gives you their word, they’re making a solemn promise.

In life, your personal relationships depend on the quality of your word. If you don’t keep promises and mislead people, it sours your relationships with them.

In business, not only do your words matter in terms of your relationships with customers and the community, they can literally make or break your business.

This is part of the reason we keep you updated with regular blog posts ranging from tips to help you when you’re in a bind, updates on incoming severe weather, and notifications on things we do in the Philadelphia, PA, community. We want our frequent updates to show you the quality of our word and let you know what type of business we are; the type that stands by its guarantee.

Today we want to share a few of the guarantees we provide as a disaster restoration company. Hopefully, by seeing these, you’ll have the upmost faith in us when disaster strikes.

  • Always available – Our business is literally always open. There’s no imaginable time when you’d be unable to reach us. Disasters don’t take nights and holidays off, so neither do we
  • Quick response – Time is of the essence when it comes to working with a disaster restoration company. As soon as we talk to you on the phone, our team will be on site within 2-4 hours to address the disaster at hand. We also return any phone calls within 20 minutes of receiving them
  • Quality Standards – We’re not just governed by our own standards. We want to ensure we’re following a sound process from an unbiased party, which is why we went through the QRV certification process as a disaster restoration company. Our guarantee to you is a rigorous dedication to these methods to make sure your disaster is handled as best as possible with the knowledge we have. We have a great deal of knowledge because of our dedication to upholding these standards. This guarantees you’ll be in good hands when you work with us

Choosing a disaster restoration company is an important decision during a time of crisis. When you’re in need of services, regardless of the reason or level of damage, put your trust in ServiceMaster by ARTec and contact us immediately at (610) 626–9002

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