Overcoming Odor After a House Fire with Odor Cleaning Services Performed by ServiceMaster by ARTec in Philadelphia, PA

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After a fire in your Philadelphia, PA home, lingering odors can end up feeling like the biggest battle that you have to fight. And yes, that can include the initial trauma of the fire and the potential loss of belongings. On the surface this may sound like an exaggeration, but unlike obvious physical damage, odor removal can feel nebulous or difficult to pin down. Finding the source of the odor is like playing whack-a-mole with various areas in the affected spaces, and it gets more and more frustrating over time.  Odor removal is so vital to the recovery process because odors act as a stubborn reminder of what happened to your home. Allowing the odor cleanup experts with ServiceMaster by ARTec to completely remove all traces of smoke odors from your house is exactly what you need to finally move forward.


If you’re able to smell smoke long after the initial event, there are likely particulates floating around your home that are sticking stubbornly to whatever they can. It’s important to remember that odor cleaning also serves a purpose in relation to your home health. If the odor is indeed indicating lingering residue from the fire, that residue can be corrosive if left to its own devices. It can also stain and discolor the surfaces of your home which can damage resale value or require expensive replacements.


The health of your home isn’t the only concern; your family’s health comes into play as well. Inhaling those particles that are causing a strong odor can be hazardous for health-compromised individuals, small pets, and the elderly. Though it isn’t as severe as smoke inhalation, constantly breathing in irritants over time can exacerbate underlying conditions and cause asthma and allergy flare ups. If severe, soot and smoke residue can cause eye and skin irritation as well.


To add to this collection of side effects, odor removal can also be exceedingly difficult without the assistance of odor cleaning professionals. If the smoky smells permeated the insulation of your home, upholstery, or any other porous materials, leaving your windows open will not be sufficient. Professional odor cleaning includes various types of airing, cleaning, and treatment for the root cause of the odor.


If your Philadelphia, PA, home has experienced a fire and is stuck with strong, lingering odors, contact the odor cleanup professionals with ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately to discuss odor removal options for your home at (610) 626-9002, or visit our website here for additional information today!

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