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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides flood cleanup and water damage restoration in Clifton Heights and West Chester, PA

Even the Biblical Noah would be warily eyeing this spring thaw. With near-record snowfalls throughout the mid-Atlantic, including the Pennsylvania communities of Delaware, Chester, Philadelphia and Montgomery, the specter of flooding melt water should at least have residents marching male and female cats indoors by twos.

Further, the ground frost depth this year probably has Satan himself grudgingly throwing extra coal into the furnace like a resigned Scrooge. When the ground is frozen, water runoff may be forced to follow paths different than those usually associated with water flows. Obstructed or “vertically challenged” melt water can meander into some downright unheard of directions, including right into your own unfortunate basement.

Spring thaws are as welcome as they often are unpredictable, and basements—because they’re typically underground—are easy repositories for all that run-off water that simply wants a downhill place to settle and call home.

Of course, all that water pooling in your basement can mean expensive water damage if your basement has been finished, and black mold accumulation if your basement is finished or not. Flooded basements in Chester County create some rough waters in your life, but ServiceMaster by ARTec can help calms the seas,

It’s not unusual to look at water saturated sheetrock walls, drenched hardwood floors, and sopping carpet and upholstery and think it’s all a lost cause. But that may not be the case if you catch it all in time and have access to the kinds of professionals available at ServiceMaster by ARTec.

We employ cleaning and restoration technicians who work in efficient teams, using the most up-to-date equipment, materials and processes to dry your surfaces and items and repair and restore it all when possible. We can salvage a lot of water damage if we’re called in time, saving you time money and emotional investment.

Don’t let this winter deal you a parting blow by leaving you with a basement full of water damage flood repairs, including the possibility of black mold that can lead to additional health considerations.

Contact ServiceMaster by ARTec and let us quickly begin the assessment cleanup process to help you get back to the important business of enjoying this long-awaited spring.

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