The Essential Nature of Water Removal after a Philadelphia, PA, Home Water Disaster

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Philadelphia, PA, residents who have experienced water damage know that just drying your home can be a major hurdle. No amount of open windows and high-powered fans seem like enough, and if standing water is in the equation, questions of health and safety become relevant very quickly. ServiceMaster by ARTec’s water removal experts remind homeowners that water damage recovery truly begins after comprehensive water removal is complete, and that means requesting professional intervention before it’s too late.


When water is left on its own in a home, it causes big trouble. The trouble might come in the form of offensive smells or it can manifest as severe fungal infestations, but regardless of the end result, it’s hard to deny that water damage recovery is only possible when water isn’t in the picture. But how water removal happens may seem mysterious to homeowners new to the water damage recovery process.


When homeowners picture “water removal,” many probably imagine a big vacuum efficiently sucking up all of the moisture from their home. This is fairly accurate on the surface of water damage mitigation, but it doesn’t really tell the whole story. Water removal is a surprisingly in-depth process that is essential if you don’t want your home to suffer from lingering after-effects of major water damage. Hoses and industrial fans are one aspect of the experience, but in some cases, professionals also remove floors and carpets to ensure that every layer is adequately dried.


Our water removal processes are all about keeping your home dry, safe, and clean during the restoration process. Water removal is done quickly after the damage event and is completed so as to prevent any residual water side effects. This is, in part, because the worst thing you can do after water damage is wait. The longer you put off water removal, the more difficult it becomes to completely restore your home.


If your home has been impacted by water damage, the best thing you can do is call for water removal services immediately. For more information on the water removal process or water damage recovery options, Philadelphia, PA, homeowners can contact ServiceMaster by ARTec for additional details. Call today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here!

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