The Musts and Must-Nots of Musty Water Damage in New Castle, DE

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Spring in New Castle, DE, is the perfect time of year to throw open your windows and let the fresh air blow in and air your home. This is especially true if the winter has left your home smelling musty and stale. But before you let the breeze carry away your smells, the water damage professionals with ServiceMaster by ARTec want you to know that it might be worth considering where exactly that musty smell is coming from. In some cases, it’s just a lack of circulation causing stagnant air, but occasionally, a musty smell might be a sign that something troublesome is afoot in the nooks and crannies of your home.


Mustiness is a concept that most homeowners are likely familiar with, but it can be difficult to describe when prompted. Often, mustiness is shrugged off as just being a stale smell from a room left closed up for too long. Yet, when the smell of must is pervasive, it could be a sign of something wrong under the surface of your home. In fact, in some cases, it could even mean that your home is due for some mold removal.


That earthy, musty smell can originate from several sources, but more often than not, it’s encouraged by minor (or even major) water damage. When mold or mildew spread, it lets off spores and gasses that have a noticeable and familiar odor. This is, in part, why musty smells are so common in the spring and summer. Where humidity goes, mustiness tends to follows. Unfortunately, opening your windows doesn’t do much to impact a water damage issue, but mold removal or water damage restoration might be the perfect solution.


If a certain room in your home always smells musty, it’s worth looking around and trying to pinpoint where exactly the smell is coming from: a crack, a leak, or an old stain that has led to spore growth. Plus, if you catch water damage before it spreads, it’s much easier to treat in the long run. Even a small trickle of water can lead to significant mold growth over time. The biggest mistake you can make is ignoring it until the damage becomes severe.


If you’ve discovered water damage in your New Castle, DE, home, contact the water damage repair team or our mold removal specialists at ServiceMaster by ARTec for information on how to remove the mustiness for good. Call today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here for more information.

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