Mold Removal and 4 Important Tasks Technicians in West Chester, PA, Perform as Part of the Mitigation Process

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Mold growth can be a serious issue because it can damage surfaces and cause musty odors. If you notice mold growing in your home, then you need to contact professionals like ServiceMaster by ARTec so that mold issue can be completely eradicated from your home in West Chester, PA.

In this post, we’ll explore the different tasks that our experts perform to complete the mold remediation work right.


Mold Stains and Their Removal

Task #1: Analysis of the Complexities of the Task

Our mold remediation technicians understand that, in certain situations, it might become necessary to get rid of the surface layer where mold stain is seen.

For example, if mold traps inorganic pollutants and soot, then it will cause mold stains that are hard to remove. Thus, before starting mold cleanup work, our technicians try to examine the type of mold stain it is so that the required steps can be taken to remove the stain.

Such examination also helps our experts determine how hard it would be to clean specific stains.


Task #2: Utilization of the Appropriate Cleaning Method

Our mold removal technicians decide on a cleaning method after checking the level of staining that has occurred over a particular surface.

For instance, if there’s moderate staining, then enzymes or hydrogen peroxide is used for mold stain removal. On the other hand, if stains are hard to remove, then our technicians use more advanced equipment, such as media blasters, to get rid of those stains.

Professional experience becomes valuable here to select the right mold cleanup method based upon each case’s particular conditions.


Task #3: Decision about Which Cleaning Solution to Use

Our mold removal experts choose any particular stain remover only after thoroughly evaluating its effectiveness in stain removal. Moreover, our experts prefer cleaning solutions that are less acidic. They select solutions with greater pH levels since that makes the solutions less acidic.

Additionally, our technicians use stain removers that contain bleach and have a close to neutral pH level.


Task #4: Selection of Stain Removers with Fungicidal Features


Mold removal experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec utilize their experience and knowledge to select stain removers that can also function as fungicides and help in eradicating mold problems from your home.

Our mold remediation technicians focus on selecting stain removers that have EPA registration for use as fungicides. They understand that if the label does not have the EPA registration number, then it cannot be used as a disinfectant or biocide.

Finally, mold removal is a task that is difficult to complete without professional expertise. You can rely on ServiceMaster by ARTec since we have vast experience in mold remediation tasks.

Just give us a call on our helpline number at (610) 626-9002, and our experts will visit your home in West Chester, PA, to check the severity of the problem and develop a plan of action for mold removal.

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