An Insight into Mold Cleanup and The Complexities of Involved Tasks

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Detecting a musty smell in the basement? If your home has mold, count on ServiceMaster by ARTec in King of Prussia, PA, for thorough mold cleanup. In this post, we’ll look at the different tasks that are performed as part of the cleanup work.


Mold Cleanup and the Involved Tasks

Mold Containment

Effective cleanup results can’t be achieved if mold spores spread to unaffected areas in your home. To prevent this problem, it’s important to create a containment zone before the mold cleanup work is started.

A containment zone is created based upon the total area where the mold problem exists. Types of containment zones include:

  • Full Containment: If the mold problem has spread over a large area (such as 100sqft), a full containment zone becomes necessary
  • Limited Containment: If the problem is smaller and spread over 10 to 100sqft, a limited containment zone is established


Mold Cleanup

After the proper containment zone is established the mold cleanup can begin. Let’s look at a few of the important tasks that are conducted to achieve the desired results.


Use of the Right Temperature

Our mold cleanup experts understand that high temperatures prove to be effective against mold. Thus, they expose things affected by mold to temperatures in the 115 to 140-degree Fahrenheit range to achieve proper cleaning.


Use of the Right Type of HEPA Filtration

Mold control technicians use vacuums equipped with HEPA filters at both the inlet and outlet ends to make sure mold spores don’t spread to unaffected locations.


Use of the Right Equipment

If moisture levels in your home are high, it’s more likely that you’ll face mold problems. Experts use different equipment to measure moisture levels so appropriate steps can be taken to solve the moisture problem. In addition, after completing drying procedures, this equipment helps our technicians measure moisture levels to understand whether things have dried as required.

The equipment our experts utilize includes:

  • Moisture Meters – Moisture meters prove to be helpful in different situations. For example, if there are stain marks over wallboard, the moisture meter helps technicians analyze whether the wallboard has reached the required moisture level and work can be started on cleanup of stains. If the moisture level is still high, they take further steps to bring it down
  • Infrared Camera – An infrared camera is used for checking moisture content by detection of surface temperature. For example, the thermal disparities present between moist things and their surrounding surfaces are analyzed to understand if things have dried to desired levels
  • Borescope – Moisture meters are not able to reach inaccessible places like behind motors, walls, and inside ducts. To detect moisture problems in these locations, mold cleanup technicians use a borescope


From the above details, it’s clear that mold cleanup involves different complex tasks and you’ll need professional help to completely eradicate mold from your home. The experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the required training, equipment, and experience to achieve the complete remediation of mold. Call us at (610) 626-9002 and we’ll dispatch a team to your home in King of Prussia, PA, to assess the situation and begin the required cleanup!

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