Mold Cleanup Done Right: How Our Experts Handle Crawlspaces

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Heavy rains, floods, broken pipes, and other types of water disasters can result in significant water damage to your home in Philadelphia, PA, and other complications such as mold growth due to increased moisture content and humidity. When it comes to thorough and effective mold cleanup, count on ServiceMaster by ARTec to get it done right!

Crawl spaces are often one of the main locations that contain mold growth. In this post, we’ll look at how our mold prevention experts perform encapsulation to prevent mold from growing in such locations.


Crawl Spaces and Mold Cleanup

How does mold grow in crawl spaces? Before taking any action, our mold cleanup experts analyze the reasons behind the mold growth in the crawl space. Our technicians understand that vents in crawl spaces facilitate airflow, but they also bring in humidity from the outside which plays a major role in facilitating mold growth.

For instance, if the outside temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a 55% relative humidity and 67-degree dew point, the vents will cause air inside the crawl space to have the same dew point as the outside air.

Due to cooler conditions within the crawl space, the relative humidity will considerably increase. For example, if the temperature within the crawl space is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, it will result in a rise in relative humidity to 85%.

Since mold growth starts when relative humidity exceeds the 60% mark, at a relative humidity of 85%, the crawl space becomes an ideal environment for mold growth.


Mold Cleanup in the Crawl Space

Being aware of these problems, our mold cleanup technicians carry out different tasks to ensure the mold problem is completely eradicated from the crawl spaces in your home. These tasks include:

  • Humidity Control: Our experts take the necessary steps to ensure humidity can be blocked from entering the crawl space.
  • Dehumidification: Our mold control professionals conduct dehumidification so the humidity levels in crawl spaces are reduced to proper levels. This allows the required cleanup to be performed for complete eradication of mold from your home.


The professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec specialize in mold prevention in Philadelphia, PA, and we the have the required expertise to judge the severity of the mold problem you’re facing and eradicate the mold problem from your home. Contact us at (610) 626-9002 and we’ll visit your home in Philadelphia, PA, perform a thorough inspection and analysis to determine the root cause of the problem, and quickly initiate the required mold cleanup work following regulatory guidelines.

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