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If you find mold growing in your home in New Castle, DE, taking immediate steps is necessary since mold feeds on the things it’s growing upon. Aside from its very unsightly appearance mold can be toxic, affect the structural integrity of your home, and create extremely bad odors. To avoid these problems, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec for professional, thorough mold cleanup to eradicate a mold problem from your home.

The first step of the mold remediation process involves properly locating mold in your home. If there’s hidden mold, the task becomes even more complex. Here, we’ll explore the steps our experts take to detect hidden mold so a thorough cleaning can be performed.



Problem of Hidden Mold

Appropriate mold cleanup steps can be taken only when hidden mold is located accurately. Oftentimes, finding mold becomes difficult since mold can grow in hidden places such as:

  • Padding as well as backing of carpets
  • Walls and crawlspaces with damp zones
  • Ventilation duct acoustic lining
  • Behind drywall, paneling, and wallpaper
  • Under roofing materials and behind ceiling tiles
  • Within pipe chases and utility tunnels


Having the required knowledge of the problem of hidden mold, our mold control experts use advanced equipment like borescopes, humidity gauges, and moisture meters to accurately investigate for mold problems in hard to access locations.



Analysis Performed to Check for the Presence of Mold in Your Home

Mold cleanup technicians perform extensive analysis to look for mold growth in your home, including but not limited to:

  • Moldy and musty odors are analyzed as they can indicate the possibility of a mold problem in your home
  • Check for the presence of white fibrous as well as soluble materials within crawlspaces. Such analysis helps mold prevention technicians determine if the material found is actually mold or some type of alkaline salt
  • The ventilation system is checked to look for possible moisture problems that often occur due to incorrect roof drainage, presence of very high relative humidity in locations such as ventilation ducts, and poor condensation in pan drainage



Is it mold or something else?

Mold cleanup experts also utilize their experience to understand whether it’s an actual mold problem or something with an appearance similar to mold. Similarities include:


  • Paint applied on the back of drywall or wood looks very similar to mold
  • Alkaline crystals present over soil or concrete walls can look like mold
  • Carpet stains can look like a mold infestation


Mold cleanup is a challenging task where technicians need to have required knowledge and professional expertise. Count on ServiceMaster by ARTec for expert mold cleanup in New Castle, DE. Call us today at (610) 626-9002 or contact us here.

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