Mind the Rain Gutters to Prevent Water Damage in Springfield, PA

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There are typically two times during the year when you have to really stop and think about the rain gutter system on your home roof: the fall and the spring.

You think about it in the fall due to the falling leaves and other detritus it accumulates which can become a clogging nightmare during the winter. And you think about it again during the spring because of all the other gunk that has run down the roof and settled into it over the winter.

Untended gutters can become a real water damage concern here in Springfield, Villanova, King of Prussia and surrounding Pennsylvania areas. The longer a gutter remains clogged and choked with filth, the more water is unable to be safely drained away. This can lead to water damage to the roof and underlying structure.

If you drive around any given neighborhood and pay special attention to rain gutters, it’s almost inevitable you’ll spot a home that has gutters that have actually become a type of planter. Weeds, grass and even trees will take root in gutters that haven’t been properly cleaned. In addition to the sheer weight bearing down on the gutters themselves, promising imminent collapse, the water damage seeping up underneath the shingles and roof boards can be devastating to a home.

If you haven’t cleaned out your gutters for a year or two, and you suddenly notice dark patches developing on your ceilings, you’ve allowed things to get particularly out of hand and you’re now facing potentially extensive water damage restoration.

So, climb up there already and get your hands dirty cleaning out your rain gutters! Or, if you’re unable to do so, hire somebody to take on the precarious task.

If, however, your home has experienced water damage from untended gutters, or for some other reason, you’ll want to call in a professional cleaning services company that has experience when it comes to water damage restoration.

ServiceMaster by ARTec can assist you when it comes to water damage restoration. We can dry affected areas and ensure that collateral harm from water damage, like black mold, hasn’t taken root. We can take a potentially disastrous situation and make it merely an unexpected nuisance.

We’re equipped with all the skills, materials and hardware for any cleaning services task, including water damage restoration. If you experience water damage of any kind, don’t hesitate to call on the cleaning services professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec.


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