How Melting Snow Can Cause Water Damage to Your West Chester Home

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Not that anyone is complaining, but March ushered in some unseasonably warm weather here in West Chester, PA and the surrounding areas. However, combined with the relentless snowfalls visited upon us earlier this winter, the relatively early onset of spring brings with it some serious flooding considerations. The end of winter always brings with it a certain amount of flood risk, but this year the risk is even more pronounced because the thaw has the potential to be much more rapid, bringing with it the possibility of home water damage and the associated water damage restoration.

Heavy snowfalls, followed by an unseasonably early thaw, can have some unexpected results, not the least of which being melt water taking unfamiliar courses downhill. During most annual spring thaws, melt water follows fairly consistent flow trails. However, when that water becomes too much for regular channels to handle, the water has to find alternative routes, which can lead to calamitous results for those homes in the crosshairs of those alternative routes.

Home water damage can be much more insidious than simply washing away a home in a deluge. A slight divergence of melt water can redirect even slight trickles of water into minute cracks and crevices of a home’s foundation. Once water exploits a foundational crack, its erosive effect can be astonishingly quick, and can lead to water damage in rooms located below ground, much to the shock and horror of the homeowners who are then facing water damage restoration.

To prevent water damage resulting from an early spring thaw, have your home’s foundation inspected regularly to detect potential points of weakness. Minute cracks in cinder blocks and bricks can be incredibly difficult to detect without the right experienced eye and equipment, and repairing those cracks can be just, if not more, difficult.

Even the most prepared home is not immune from water damage, whether from early spring flooding or for other reasons. If water damage occurs in your home, time is of the essence to mitigate the costs associated with water damage restoration. ServiceMaster by ARTec is your local professional water damage restoration expert. We have the experience, materials and equipment necessary to restore your home quickly and efficiently in the event of a water damage disaster of any size.

Water damage restoration shouldn’t take the spring out of your step during an early spring arrival. If your home experiences a water damage event, give ServiceMaster by ARTec a call right away.

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