ServiceMaster by ARTec in Media, PA, is a Professional Disaster Restoration Company That Keeps Your Emotions in Mind

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It’s been a bit of a rough year. From Hurricane Harvey, to Irma, to Irene, to the fires in California and beyond, it seems like disaster surrounds us.

As a professional disaster restoration company, we’re equipped to deal with these disasters and help you recover from them, but we also wanted to share the fact that we’re equipped to be there for you emotionally as well.

The Emotions You Go Through When Dealing With a Disaster

If you’re a resident of Media, PA, who finds themselves needing the services of a professional disaster restoration company, we’re here to tell you we don’t just care about your home or property; we care about your well-being. We’re going to share a few thoughts today, plus ideas and tips we’ve learned due to our extensive experience with people experiencing a disaster.

No one can spend time accounting for every possible danger or disaster in their life. That’d be a terrible way to live. There is, however, a tradeoff. If you don’t live your life in constant paranoia, you’ll be completely blindsided when a major disaster strikes. It’s natural to feel that way, and it’s okay. You won’t feel that way forever. It will dissipate. But in the moment, you might feel like the world is spinning just a little too fast.

This is why working with a professional disaster restoration company is so important. You need to be able to pick up the phone and have a team on site to lift the weight of what’s occurred from your shoulders—at least physically so you can cope with it emotionally. You’ll probably always remember the way you felt during a major disaster, but in time it’ll be a distant memory.

You’ll be sitting in your fully restored living room—with the same art on the wall, marble countertops, and unblemished family photos you had prior to the fire—and you’ll recall the night you worried about whether your loved ones were alive.

You’ll remember how you all survived and met at checkpoint down the street. You’ll remember the stress of calling the insurance company, notifying your family of the event, and waiting patiently while a professional disaster restoration company worked on your home.

You’ll also remember how it felt when the restoration was complete and you were finally able to reenter your Media, PA, home and see it looking the way it did before the disaster. It gave you a sense of renewal. You knew your life would move on from the disaster but seeing the restored home was a tangible sign of that.

You realized how much weight the professional disaster restoration company took off your shoulders and how well they communicated with you during the process.

When you first come to us, you’ll be in that shocked state we discussed, but life will move forward and you will have the sense of renewal we just described.

If you’re in need of disaster restoration services please contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002.

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