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ServiceMaster by ARTec adds hoarding cleanup in Clifton Heights, PA to its service list.

Hoarding cleanup is a specialized, home cleaning service option. This is because a hoarding situation is rarely the same between two different hoarders. Like fingerprints, no two hoarders are exactly alike.

Whereas you may encounter a hoarder who simply has a home packed to the rafters with every single newspaper going back to the Eisenhower administration, another hoarder may have a home jammed filled with potential filth hazards to your health.

Cleaning up after a hoarder, therefore, can be incredibly challenging, even for professional home cleaning services providers. In addition to cleaning up potentially hazardous materials and mounds of ancient garbage, cleaning services professionals have to recognize that all of the hoarded detritus—though sometimes worthless and unexplainable to an outside observer—typically means something to the individual afflicted with the hoarding disorder. Emotions can run high as a hoarder watches his or her home emptied of everything they’ve been collecting for years.

As emotionally trying as it can be, a hoarder’s home simply has to be cleaned. Either for health reasons, home resale potential, or simply to help a hoarder confront his or her hoarding problem, a thorough cleaning is required.

ServiceMaster by ARTec has recently expanded our disaster restoration services portfolio to include estate and hoarding cleaning situations in Clifton Heights and the surrounding areas. To that end, we’ve partnered with Matt Paxton of “Hoarders” television fame and author of “The Secret Lives of Hoarders.” Together, we’re fine-tuning our cleaning services to include hoarding cleanup that takes into account the emotional attachment of hoarders, as well as the emotions of their families and friends. It is our goal to ease the transition and also conduct a thorough and professional cleaning of the hoarded environment.

By undergoing the necessary training and expanding our services to include hoarding cleanup, we’re addressing what we feel is an unmet need in the Pennsylvania communities of Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, and the surrounding areas.

If you have a hoarder situation, or you know somebody who does, give ServiceMaster by ARTec a call. We’ll work with you to ensure the home is professionally cleaned, while softening the emotional component as much as possible.

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