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When it comes to home disaster restoration, fire tends to take first place in the “most destructive” awards. The image of a blazing inferno in your Media, PA, home is certainly a picture with impact. However, forgetting the destructive power of water damage can leave you unprepared for it when it happens after a fire. Being a home owner means knowing what to do when things at home go sideways, and in the case of major water damage, consulting the disaster restoration specialists at ServiceMaster by ARTec should be first on your list.


Though fire damage and water damage both pack a punch, major water damage is especially devious at causing havoc over long periods of time after the water damage event itself is long over. And sometimes, these two types of home damage may come together. The very nature of a house fire tends to invite water in response, and this can mean adding soaked furniture to match your singed carpet. Therefore, being ready for fire damage means being prepared for the ensuing water damage as well.


Of course, water damage can occur without being preceded by fire. Bursting pipes, unexpected storms, or home flooding can happen at any time of the year, and each incident brings with it different difficulties and consequences. Water damage like this can require minor disaster restoration such as carpet replacement or furniture repair. And, yes, that is the minor part. Major water damage can require serious disaster restoration such as foundation repair, wall restructuring, ceiling replacements, and more.


Underestimating the power of water damage can leave your home unprepared for the recovery that follows a disaster. Spending a little time making note of whom to contact and how to react in the event of water damage can save you and your family endless frustration down the line.


For Media, PA, home owners who have experienced water damage, ServiceMaster by ARTec offers comprehensive disaster restoration services. For more information on what we offer, contact us at (610) 626-9002 or visit us here!


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