How to Maintain a Healthy Home in Ardmore, PA

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As if you needed something else to worry about this month, January is also “National Staying Healthy Month.” Now that you’re aware of the importance of staying healthy in January, you’re no doubt sitting there, eating a box full of bonbons, wondering exactly how to stay healthy.

Thankfully, “staying healthy” can mean practically anything, depending on who you ask.

Environmental health is incredibly important to us at ServiceMaster by ARTec, because our business is dedicated to ensuring your immediate environment is kept clean and healthy. We are, after all, a cleaning services provider here in Ardmore, PA, specializing in carpet cleaning, black mold removal, and water damage and fire damage restoration.

While you may not consider water damage to be an immediate health concern — especially when you look at the water damage and think “Wow, that’s a lot of water damage!” — you should be aware that all that water damage can also be a breeding ground for black mold. Black mold is definitely a health hazard and is in direct violation of National Staying Healthy Month. And you don’t want to violate National Staying Healthy Month, do you?

With a quick call to ServiceMaster by ARTec, you can rest assured that any water damage in your home will be quickly and efficiently addressed. Our professional staff is trained and certified in the most innovative surface drying and repair techniques utilized today. We take all the necessary steps to ensure any black mold risks resulting from water damage are mitigated immediately.

National Staying Healthy Month is a serious month, and ServiceMaster by ARTec takes its call to arms just as seriously. If you’re serious about seriously staying healthy during this serious month, give us a serious call right away!

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