When Water Stains Settle In: Avoiding Stubborn Long-Term Water Damage in Philadelphia, PA

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Lingering water damage can be a terrible plague on an otherwise peaceful home life in Philadelphia, PA. It doesn’t take much for a minor leak or major burst to become a nightmare for homeowners, especially when your walls or floors become collateral damage. When it comes to water stains, ServiceMaster ARTec’s water damage restoration team recommends acting fast and in a big way before those collateral stains become a permanent fixture in your otherwise pristine home.


Staining is a side effect of water damage that can linger long after the water damage event itself. Water sinks into any porous surfaces, and when dry, can leave warped or discolored spots that are a nightmare to remove.  It’s difficult to treat water damage by hand because, unlike other stains, it can be very difficult to surmise what the stain consists of. Setting aside water, these stains can also contain waste, oil, rust, dirt, dust, and any number of other debris as well. Depending on the source of the water, it may even be visibly discolored. Once water damage like this sets in, it tends to leave hard-to-scrub remnants behind.


Even if the water that accompanies the damage is clean, that doesn’t mean that the surfaces themselves are spotless. Water can soak up any dust or dirt that existed on the surface of your home and draw it downward into the fibers. Plus, if left to their own devices water stains may even develop mold, which along with detrimental health effects, can lend a colorful stain of its own.


A water damage stained surface in your home can also be the gateway to further problems. If a surface is warped to enough of a degree, it may upset the panels, tiles, or other surfaces around it. This can throw a perfect wall or flooring completely out of alignment. Additionally, the physical damage that follows water damage may not be instantaneous. This means that, over the course of days or months, your home may be sustaining additional damages simply by setting there.


Rather than letting water stains take up residence in your Philadelphia, PA, home and getting comfortable without permission, contact ServiceMaster ARTec for water damage assistance at (610) 626-9002 or by visiting our website here.


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