Leave Storm Damage Cleanup in King of Prussia, PA, to the Experts at ServiceMaster ARTec

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As spring storms sweep through the area, with wind, rain, lightening and power outages, some homes and business are left with downed trees, branches and other debris scattered over the property and in some cases, damage to the roof or other parts of the property.  When the cleanup is more than homeowners or business owner can handle, ServiceMaster by ARTec in King of Prussia, PA, is here to help.


When storms sweep through, there are oftentimes downed branches and even trees. Branches littering yards is unsightly, but branches and trees also can block driveways or parking lots, making it unsafe or impossible for families or customers to enter or exit.  ServiceMaster by ARTec can clear the debris in no time, making it once again safe and clean on your King of Prussia, PA, property.


Unfortunately, sometimes branches and trees are more than just unsightly or inconvenient.  Sometimes they actually damage structures. ServiceMaster by ARTec can provide temporary weather protection, such as tarps and window coverings, to protect your home or business from further wind or water damage.


When damage does occur to structures, oftentimes there is water damage or flooding as well.  We can pump water out of basements and crawl spaces, remove hazardous waste and repair damages caused by water.


In the worst case, you may also need temporary storage for your belongings, until your home or business is repaired.  We offer content storage at a secure and safe storage offsite location while repairs are complete, and you are ready to move your belongings back in.


Severe weather is always a little scary, and even more so when branches and limbs are falling everywhere.  When storm debris is everywhere, and especially if damage has been done to structures, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec for immediate storm damage cleanup and repair.

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