ServiceMaster by ARTec Provides Emergency Board Up Services and More for King of Prussia, PA Residents When Storms Strike

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If you’ve been living in the King of Prussia, PA area for a while, you know the weather can swing from pleasant to severe in an instant.

Being near the coast, the city is always at risk for severe weather such as thunderstorms, and in extreme cases, hurricanes.

Living in the area requires two important things to remember. First, always be prepared. You should always keep your eye on the news for announcements regarding severe weather.

ServiceMaster by ARTec also announces when major events like hurricanes may be on the way.

As we’ve discussed in other posts, you should always be prepared and have a plan in place for evacuation as well as making sure you have the right supplies.

Second, you should be ready to pick up the phone and call a reputable disaster restoration company if you’re in need of time sensitive services like emergency board up services, which is the service we’re going to talk about today.

Put Your Trust in ServiceMaster by ARTec for Emergency Board Up Services and Roof Repair Services

 When severe weather hits, your home can be at risk. In your time of need, we want to make sure the important areas of your home are protected as soon as possible.

With emergency board up services, we can help ensure the inside of your home doesn’t continue to get affected by continued exposure to outside threats.

Our team responds to calls in a matter of hours, and we’ll work as quickly as possible to cover broken windows or missing areas of your roof.

We won’t just stop there. We provide roof repair services along with a list of other damage related services including the following:

  • Emergency pack out – You’ll want to make sure any unaffected items are removed from your King of Prussia, PA, home as soon as possible. We’ll transport your items to a safe storage location until the damage is fixed
  • Structural repairs – If you’re in need of emergency board up services, chances are other important areas of your home have been affected. We provide construction services to repair compromised parts of your home including the roof and interior portions of it
  • Deodorization and disinfection – Water damage resulting from storms can leave a complex chemical mess to deal with. When water enters your home and mixes with debris, it can cause a potentially harmful environment. If you need emergency board up services due to a storm, you likely have water damage that needs tending to as well. After we finish the water damage repair and drying process we’ll make sure your home’s environment is healthy once again

When it comes to your King of Prussia, PA, home, we have the technicians, tools, and expertise to handle essentially any type of disaster.

If you’re in need of our services, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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