If You Have Kids, Your House is a Mess. Call on House Cleaning Services in Media, PA

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ServiceMaster by ARTec offers Residential Cleaning Services for Homes in Media, PA

You’ve vacuumed the house. You’ve done the dishes. The laundry, amazingly enough, seems to be complete. You take a moment to sit down and marvel at how clean your home is, if only for a minute.

And then, your four-year-old peers over the couch and says “Ick…what’s that?!” With your resolve thus steeled, you look over the edge of the couch and see…

A slice of processed cheese, stuck to the floor, beset upon by a colony of ants greedily devouring their pathogen-laced buffet. You have no clue how the ants gained entrance, and no idea how long that slice of cheese has been silently spoiling behind your couch. By the looks of it, it’s been there for at least a month.

After ten minutes of trying to dislodge that semi-insoluble slice of cheese from your hardwood floor using a table knife, you change your previous estimate and determine it has been melding and moldering upon your floor for a minimum of two months.

If you have kids, and toddlers in particular, your house is never truly, absolutely, 100 percent clean. Kids excel at finding places to hide gross things, accidentally or intentionally, that tend to rot, mold, putrefy, and stain.

Therefore, if you really want a clean home, you should consider bringing in a cleaning services company that knows a thing or three about house cleaning services in Media, PA. Give yourself a well-deserved cleaning break by giving ServiceMaster by ARTec a call.

We know what kids can do to a home. As adorable and loved as they are, they can turn the cleanest home into a dumpster even rats won’t root through. They don’t mean to be messy, but it’s in their DNA programming. ServiceMaster by ARTec understands this, and offers expert house cleaning services to help combat the antics of your children.

We are cleaning services experts who know the ins and outs and ups and downs of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning and tile cleaning. If there’s a rogue slice of cheese hiding in your home planted by a toddler, we’ll find it, dispose of it, and give any ants a stern talking to before disposing of them as well.

ServiceMaster by ARTec is at the ready to provide house cleaning services in media, Philadelphia, West Chester, and Ardmore, PA. Contact us today, and remove the ant feast from your home.

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