Keep the Home Fires Burning Safely: Tips to Prevent Fire Damage

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Fire Restoration Services in Delaware County by ServiceMaster by ARTec

A warm, toasty fireplace keeping winter’s chill at bay is the quintessential image of the American home. Throw in some wool socks and a black lab dozing by your feet, and you have a Norman Rockwell picture for the ages. In fact, wood burning appliances like fireplaces, furnaces and stoves are still fairly commonplace in today’s American households, with about one-third of homes still stoking the hickory as their primary or secondary heat source. Unfortunately, those same wood burning appliances account for around 36 percent of accidental home fire damage nationally each year. For fire restoration after a disaster, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec.

If you’re new to the world of wood burning appliances in your home, keep some simple safety precautions in mind to ensure your cozy wood fire doesn’t lead to a costly fire damage or smoke damage disaster.

Regular, proper cleaning is a must for any wood burning appliance. Soot and creosote build-up can choke a chimney or stove pipe, leading to a very dangerous situation resulting in fire damage, smoke damage or both. Also, be sure to clear the area directly around any appliance so there’s nothing that can catch fire due to an errant spark. If possible, the surrounding walls and ceiling should be constructed using fire resistant materials to decrease the chances of fire damage. As a personal safety precaution, maintain smoke detectors in close proximity to any rooms where family members sleep, and change those batteries regularly.

Even the best precautions, unfortunately, can’t guard against fate’s uncertainty. If your home needs smoke or fire damage restoration due to a wood burning appliance accident, or a different reason entirely, you need to act quickly get your household back to as normal as possible.

ServiceMaster by ARTec has extensive experience when it comes to fire restoration and residential disaster restoration. Our highly trained cleaning personnel specialize in structural cleaning and repair, as well as smoke and odor removal. With almost 30 years of providing residential and commercial cleaning and disaster recovery services to the Pennsylvania communities of Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Montgomery counties, we have the expertise to ensure your home feels like home quickly following a fire damage or smoke damage event.

Don’t let a daunting fire restoration experience set you back. Pick up the phone and call ServiceMaster by ARTec right away.

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