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Now that autumn is here in the West Chester, Pennsylvania area, it’s important that you’re prepared for whatever weather is headed our way. Seasonal changes also mean weather changes, and between snow and rainstorms, there’s the potential for your commercial space to experience water damage.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about disaster restoration, specifically commercial water damage remediation, and a few procedures necessary to make it as effective as possible!

What are some of the most common causes of water damage?

There are a number of reasons your commercial space may experience a disaster, and specifically, water damage. Water damage can occur due to a broken or leaky pipe, a faulty appliance or piece of equipment, or perhaps an overflowing sewer line. Severe weather is also a common cause of weather-related issues, such as flooding.

Why is it important to invest in disaster restoration following water damage?

Water damage can lead to a number of other types of disasters around your commercial space. In addition to sitting water causing damage to upholstery or infrastructure, there’s also a potential for mold growth that will negatively impact your indoor air quality. It’s always best to tackle water damage quickly in order to avoid mold!

What are some of the steps of water damage restoration?

If you’ve invested in disaster restoration following water damage, the first step will be to evaluate the level of damage. You will need to hire a professional team just to make sure that it’s safe. Next up, a professional team will work to remove the water from within your commercial space and remove any damaged items from inside. From there, it’s time to start pursuing temporary and permanent solutions for the damage caused.

If you’ve experienced a disaster in the West Chester, PA area and are ready to invest in professional and thorough water damage remediation for your commercial space, call the team at ServiceMaster by ARTec at (610) 626-9002. We’re available 24/7/365 and will quickly dispatch a team to evaluate the damage, create a plan of action, and begin the required work!

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