Insight into Important Decisions Experts Take while Performing Mold Cleanup

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After any natural disaster such as flooding, your home in King of Prussia, PA, may experience significant water damage. If immediate steps are not taken to dry out your home and its belongings, then apart from water damage, you’ll have to face another serious problem: mold growth. By hiring an experienced firm such as ServiceMaster by ARTec for mold cleanup, you’ll have the assurance that the necessary steps will be taken to remediate the situation.

The following discusses the different tasks experts perform to completely eradicate mold from your home or business.

Mold Cleanup and Important Decisions

Green Cleaning Methods

Green cleaning becomes important where there are people in your house or business who have chemical sensitivity, and chemical based cleaners cannot be used.

In such situations, experts make use of methods such as dry ice blasting, sanding, and wire brushing for removal of the mold. After these methods are completed, the saw dust and mold spores are all that need to be removed.

Green Chemicals

If there are people in your home or business who are sensitive to chemicals and their odors, then mold cleanup experts use green chemicals.

Green chemicals are also employed at commercial establishments that experience heavy foot traffic because some people who have a sensitivity to chemicals could visit these establishments.

Appropriate Equipment

The main aim of mold removal experts is to completely eradicate the mold from your home or business. Our technicians understand that it will not be possible to achieve this goal if the HVAC system in your building harbors mold spores.

An HVAC system functions to bring in conditioned and clean air to your building. However, air quality inside your home is negatively affected when mold infests the HVAC system.

During inspection, if our technicians notice mold in your HVAC system, then they utilize advanced equipment to clean up that mold. Such equipment includes duct brushes, air whips, and negative air vacuums. Duct brushes and air whips are used to loosen debris sticking to duct walls, and after that, negative air vacuums are utilized for extraction of debris.

As you have read, mold cleanup experts have to consider different aspects while performing cleanup work. Experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have vast experiences in mold remediation tasks and follow industry standards while performing their work.

When facing a mold issue in your home or business, just give us a call on our customer support number at (610) 626-9002, and our team will visit your home or business in King of Prussia, PA, check the severity of your mold problem, and immediately start cleanup work.

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