Hurricanes Can Pose Storm Damage Threats in Philadelphia, PA

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides storm damage cleanup and restoration in Clifton Heights, PA and the Philadelphia area

Hurricanes aren’t particularly common in Pennsylvania, but they do visit occasionally. Pennsylvania is more likely to be hit by a tropical storm or a tropical depression — which sounds like something an individual would suffer after getting sick and tired of experiencing awesome weather all the time.

Unfortunately, tropical storms, tropical depressions and, yes, hurricanes, are very real specters that haunt Pennsylvania. And those specter-esque threats can bring with them high winds, heavy rains and overly-dramatic news crews.

Cleaning up after the flood-related water damage, wind damage, and even fire damage that’s associated with severe weather like hurricanes and tropical storms can be extensive and extremely difficult.

ServiceMaster by ARTec stands ready to assist you following a damaging storm, whether the storm is a hurricane, a particularly fierce thunderstorm, or heavy rains that result in flooding and water damage in the Philadelphia, West Chester, Ardmore, Media, and Clifton Heights, PA area.

Of course, the 2012 “Super Storm” Hurricane Sandy stands out in recent memory as a stark reminder of the very real threat hurricanes carry with them when they venture up the East coast and deliver their fury, havoc and disaster on communities in their path.

At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we possess the necessary skills, equipment, materials and experience to help you recover from the damaging effects of severe weather events. You can trust upon us to quickly and seamlessly get your home and life back in order. Our arsenal of disaster repair includes water damage restoration, fire restoration, and even mold remediation.

Water damage due to flooding is something you should not attempt to repair yourself. ServiceMaster by ARTec relies on industry-leading techniques to inspect, clean, reinstall and repair areas of your home that have undergone water damage, including inspecting for black mold and conducting mold remediation services.

While it’s true hurricanes aren’t particularly common here in Pennsylvania, they do happen, and storms in general can strike anywhere at any time. If your property has experienced water damage or fire damage, give the experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec a call right away.

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