How to Repurpose Household Objects for Residential Cleaning in New Castle, Delaware

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You already know that ServiceMaster by ARTec provides exceptional residential cleaning services. From flawless carpet care to thorough upholstery care, ServiceMaster by ARTec are the ones to call for your deep residential cleaning needs in New Castle, Delaware, but in between those deep cleans, here are a few ways to save money and time on small cleanup jobs around your house.

1. Use mismatched socks for dusting

We all know too well the mystery of the sock-eating dryer. Luckily, that single sock can be repurposed for a number of cleaning uses. Socks are perfect for dusting and wiping down surfaces, and even makes the job easier when you wear the sock like a glove!

2. Use baby wipes for quick cleanup

When you only have a couple of minutes for tidying up before heading out the door, you likely grab the closest cloth to you to wipe up a last minute mess, but keeping a container of baby wipes near surfaces that get the messiest—like the kitchen and bathroom—makes quick countertop jobs a breeze.

3. Use newspaper for windows and mirrors

Using newspapers with a glass-cleaning solution will leave your windows and mirrors sparkling. Newspaper doesn’t leave behind fragments like paper towels do, and you’ll save money by simply using newspaper that would have been recycled anyway. Simply grab one sheet of newspaper, crumple it up, and you’ve got yourself a streak-free way to wipe down your glass.

4. Use a dish rack for summer sandals

Sometimes it seems that you can’t go even a few steps without running into a pair of shoes, especially in the summer when sandals and flip-flops are all too present. That’s why buying a cheap dish-drying rack is a great way to store sandals during the summer, and it’s less bulky than a full shoe rack. It’ll keep all of those pesky sandals in one place, and keep your floor clear.

5. Use baking soda and lemon to clean surfaces

These two ingredients are housework at its finest—easy, cheap, and green. It’s likely that these two ingredients are a permanent installment in your kitchen and baking soda and lemon are both great cleaning solutions to clean all of the surfaces in your New Castle home without the potentially harmful effects of chemicals found in store-bought cleaning products.

With these helpful repurposes, your residential cleaning will be a breeze in your New Castle, Delaware home, and you’ll be saving yourself time and money too! And remember, when your carpet, hardwood, or upholstery needs some extra deep and thorough residential cleaning, call ServiceMaster by ARTec!

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