How to Keep Your Delaware County, PA Residence Clean This Summer Season

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When Pennsylvania recorded its hottest temperature ever on July 10th, 1936, things sizzled at 111° Fahrenheit! Hopefully, this summer doesn’t bear such a heat wave, but even the milder temperatures of the 70s and 80s can do a serious number on your home. ServiceMaster by ARTec is an expert in residential cleaning and we’re here to offer a few tips to help keep your home clean this summer.

Summer Time Sweatin’

Everybody sweats, especially in the summer. There’s no getting around that. But, unlike adults, children tend to let the perspiration dirty refrigerators, couches, and anything else they can leave a fingerprint on. Not only do these smudges look undesirable, but they are also breeding grounds for bacteria carried in with the sweat and grime on children’s hands. So, keep your appliances, windows, and furniture clean this summer with ServiceMaster by ARTec’s residential cleaning services. Although basic soap and water will work on these locations, ServiceMaster by ARTec will give you a deeper clean.

Baking, Barbeque, and Grease Build-Up

With summer comes the annual firing up of the grill, but be sure you’re being safe and smart when doing so. Grease and carbon build-up causes issues with your food’s taste and quality. This nasty build-up can not only ruin the taste of your food but it can also stick to food, causing stomach and intestinal issues. Keep your grill and your stomach in good shape with safe cleaning practices! The best time to clean your grill is shortly after you’re done using it. Cleaning your grill while it’s still slightly warm will allow for an easier clean up as the grease and carbon will not have completely cooled and set yet. For the toughest grime and grease build-ups, oven cleaner is a smart and safe way to rid your grill of grease.

Monitor for Mold

The humidity from the summer temperatures creates the perfect atmosphere for mold to grow. In homes, it’s commonly found around piping, bathrooms, and even washers and dryers. Often times it’s hidden in places you may not be able to easily see, so be vigilant. If you do find mold, identify what could potentially be causing it. If mold is growing in your shower, try keeping the bathroom better ventilated by opening windows or turning on fans. If mold is growing around your sinks, try to wipe up excess moister and keep them dry and cool. But, if the mold is really out of control and you’re uncertain how to properly clean it, call a professional such as ServiceMaster by ARTec for mold remediation.

At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we want to help you beat the effects of the heat on your home this summer by offering flexible, high-quality, and reasonably priced residential cleaning services in Delaware County. Contact ServiceMaster by ARTec today to set up an appointment.

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