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A storm and its associated flooding result in lots of damage to homes in West Chester, PA. One of the serious issues you could face is the HVAC system being affected by contaminated water. By contacting an experienced storm damage cleanup firm, like ServiceMaster by ARTec, you’ll have the assurance that all the necessary steps will be taken to clean and restore your HVAC system.

Here, we explore the tasks experts perform to clean up the dirt and debris, and ensure that microorganisms do not start growing inside the HVAC system.



HVAC System and Storm Damage Cleanup

Tasks Performed Prior to Actual Remediation Work

Before work is started, restoration specialists take the necessary steps to isolate the location where remediation work will be undertaken. A vapor barrier in the form of plastic sheeting is utilized to create an isolation zone for performing cleanup work.

To prevent the spread of contamination to unaffected locations, remediation experts also maintain negative pressure in the work area using blowers fitted with HEPA filters.



Remediation of the HVAC System

A few of the tasks that are performed by storm damage cleanup experts to restore the HVAC system include:

  • Remove Contaminated Insulation: Experts first remove any contaminated insulation present inside and around various HVAC system components. Additionally, technicians discard the filter media if it was also contaminated during flooding.


  • Clean Contaminated Surfaces: The next step is to clean the component surfaces; a HEPA-filter-equipped vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dirt and debris. Experts focus on cleaning bends, air ducts, filter racks, and drain pans where debris commonly gets trapped.


If technicians find that a significant amount of dirt and debris have accumulated over component surfaces, then steam or high-pressure washers are used to clean up such surfaces. If a gasoline-powered pressure washer is used, then storm damage cleanup experts make sure that the required exhaust ventilation is created to remove the carbon monoxide that such equipment generates.


  • Decontaminate Various Surfaces: After cleaning is completed, disinfectant such as chlorine bleach solution is used for decontaminating all the surfaces.


  • Replace Insulation: This step consists of replacing contaminated insulation with a type having an exterior with a smooth surface to make sure insulation does not entrap debris and contaminants during similar flooding incidences in the future.


  • Clean System Fan: Technicians also remove the system fan, and carry out its servicing, which involves cleanup, disinfection, and drying. After the fan’s cleanup is completed, it is fitted back inside the air handling unit of HVAC system.


If your home in West Chester, PA, has been affected during a recent storm, and you are looking for storm damage cleanup experts, then get in touch with us. Experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have vast experience in this type of cleanup work and also have the required equipment to remediate the situation.



Just give us a call on our disaster restoration helpline number at (610) 626-9002 and our experts will come to your home, analyze the severity of the damage that has occurred, and start recovery work immediately.

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