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The icy winter blast the first week of December should have served notice that this time of year can deal out some unexpected ferocity, and we’re still staring down the barrel of at least three more months of this seasonal uncertainty.Brutally cold temperatures, coupled with large snowfalls, bring with them home concerns that often go ignored at the homeowner’s peril. Frozen pipes and an elevated risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning are just a couple examples of winter’s dangers of which people should be aware.

Subfreezing temperatures can affect all types of plumbing not properly protected or insulated and can pose an invisible threat. A sudden drop in temperature can cause exposed plumbing to freeze and pipes to burst, pumping hundreds of gallons of water into your home environment in a very short time. This type of flooding can quickly and permanently damage everything it come into contact with. During cold snaps, be sure to regularly run hot water or, if you’re going on a long winter holiday, shut off your home’s water supply entirely and then run your faucets until the pipes are largely clear.

If, unfortunately, your pipes do freeze and burst, water damage is a certainty, and with water damage comes an increased threat of mold. Just as repairing frozen pipes is best left to the professionals, so too should you call on professionals for a thorough and proper clean up after water damage to prevent truly catastrophic future repairs.

ServiceMaster by ARTec has been serving the Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia and Montgomery counties of Pennsylvania since 1985 and is ideally equipped to assist you in cleaning up after winter’s harsh, unpredictable treatment, particularly water damage due to frozen pipes.  We specialize in emergency service and site inspections and are equipped with the skills and equipment necessary to clean up after water damage and conduct structural repairs when applicable.

Don’t be left out in the freezing cold this long winter season. If you have water damage or mold remediation concerns, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately.


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