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If you have experienced a disaster in the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania area, it’s important to make sure that you know which resources to use in order to help you recover the best. At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we have a number of disaster restoration services available, whether you’ve experienced devastation from fire, water, or any other type of disaster within your home.

Oftentimes, you may not be exactly sure what you’re dealing with during a disaster in your home, especially if you had to evacuate. If you are returning home after a disaster to inspect the damage, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Do Not Enter

There are a number of reasons not to enter your home following a disaster. If you can smell gas from outside the home, that’s a sign that it’s still too dangerous to enter. If you see there is flood water inside the home, it’s best to leave, and for safety’s sake, never wade into a flooded space in your home. If the damage is from a fire, structural elements may have been compromised, which makes entering and walking about dangerous. In all these situations, it’s best to stay out until entering has been deemed safe by a trained professional. FEMA has some excellent information regarding returning home safely after a disaster.

Return Prepared

When permission is given to reenter the structure, make sure you bring a few key items. A flashlight can be helpful, especially if you are going into a basement or other space that doesn’t have lighting. Additionally, keep your phone available for communication!

Watch for Debris

Make sure to watch for dangerous debris scattered around the space. In addition to being tripping hazards, it can contain jagged wood, broken glass, sharp metal edges, nails, and sometimes animals can hide among the loose debris and materials. Overall, it’s best to walk carefully through your home to ensure your personal safety.

Disaster Restoration

If you have experienced any type of disaster this season in the King of Prussia, PA area, make sure to work with the qualified team at ServiceMaster by ARTec. We are here to support you throughout the process of disaster restoration and recovery and provide the professional services required to thoroughly restore your home and belongings as quickly and safely as possible. Give us a call today at (610) 626-9002, and let’s get started on restoring your home!

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