ServiceMaster by ARTec Wants You to Know How Smoke Damage Jeopardizes Your Health in Philadelphia, PA

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In the chaos that follows a fire in your Philadelphia, PA home, smoke damage is probably the absolute last thing on your mind. Dealing with insurance and following up with family is likely to take the front seat, followed by starting the fire damage repair process. ServiceMaster by ARTec wants all homeowners impacted by fire damage to know that smoke damage is, by its nature, extremely insidious.


The flames of a fire may bring along plenty of damage, but the harm resulting from the smoke should never be entirely disregarded. Smoke damage occurs wherever just about any type of fire damage occurs, and it has the added risk of lingering much longer than an open flame. Not only does smoke damage sink into porous surfaces and materials, but it also presents a wide variety of potential health risks as well.


The immediate dangers of smoke damage include asphyxiation due to a lack of oxygen, severe irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, and other smoke inhalation risks such as severe nausea and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Since smoke is made up of so many damaging chemicals, it can also exacerbate existing conditions and trigger lung damage or disease. Even if you aren’t inhaling the smoke directly, the particles that smoke damage leaves behind have trace amounts of all of those same ingredients that are so dangerous to the human body.


Smoke damage differs from fire damage in that these risk factors don’t entirely disappear after the fire has been doused. If particulates from the smoke have infiltrated the surfaces in your home, you could still be inhaling those damaging materials day after day. These ongoing risk factors are part of what makes smoke damage cleanup so vital. Smoke damage can leave a lasting smell and sooty sheen on just about everything the smoke touched and cause or exacerbate a wide variety of health concerns.


After the fire has been extinguished, fire damage and smoke damage removal should be high on the list of your family’s priorities when considering if your home is truly safe to inhabit. If your Philadelphia, PA home has been impacted by a fire, you can fight back against smoke damage by immediately contacting the smoke damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec. Call us at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information.

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