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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides some fire prevention advice for Halloween night.

Halloween is tomorrow! At some point during the evolution of Halloween, people decided it was a good idea to put candles in carved gourds. Apparently, it never occurred to them that flaming candles, hot melted wax, and dried, drifting leaves aren’t the best combination.

In modern times, pumpkins are typically illuminated with a light source that stays well under 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. But there are still pumpkin traditionalists who insist the open-flame flickering of a candle provides the best haunting light. These people are also the ones whose homes are most prone to fire damage and smoke damage in Philadelphia, PA.

While it’s true that candles radiate the flickering nuance that makes pumpkins shiver and wink in the wind, any exposed flame presents a potential fire damage and smoke damage hazard, especially when dry leaves enter the equation.

If you do opt for candle-lit pumpkins, be sure to place any candles in a glass container. This decreases the chance of leaves blowing into the flame and melted wax, which can become a fire damage hazard very quickly.

If your cute little pumpkin becomes a gargantuan glowering inferno this Halloween, or an accident occurs in general, and you need fire restoration in Philadelphia, Media, West Chester, or Ardmore, PA, don’t hesitate to call the professional fire damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec. We have the necessary experience, materials and equipment at our disposal to ensure your home recovers from a house fire quickly and efficiently.

Enjoy Halloween this year in all its haunting, seasonal glory, but keep ServiceMaster by ARTec in mind if the holiday tricks and treats you to a fire damage or smoke damage disaster that’s truly frightening.

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