Flooding Tips Part 2 of 3 | What To Do DURING A Flood in Villanova, PA

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In our previous post, ServiceMaster by ARTec provided some tips you can use to help prepare before for a flood strikes. To summarize:

  1. Create a communications plan
  2. Put together an emergency kit
  3. Sign up for weather alerts
  4. Check your home’s plumbing, circuit breakers, and sump pump
  5. Pack
  6. Charge essential electronics
  7. Evacuate your home if necessary

What should you do during a flood? Here are tips/steps provided by the National Weather Service:

  • Remain informed of any changes or updates provided by weather stations. There are many resources available via radio, television, Internet, and social media. Having a NOAA Weather Radio is recommended.
  • Get to higher ground during a flood. There are dangers associated with flood waters such as rough currents and unsanitary sewer water that should be avoided if possible.
  • Be sure to obey evacuation orders immediately when they are provided. If time permits, disconnect your appliances and utilities to help prevent electrocution.
  • If there is flooding in your home, refrain from going into sublevels or rooms that may have submerged outlets and cords. Exit the room immediately if you hear crackling or see any sparks!
  • Keep yourself and family away from flood waters as much as possible. In only six inches of water, people can be knocked off their feet from the current. When driving, avoid flooded roadways or barricades. It only takes twelve includes of moving water to carry off a car or small SUV, and water often is deeper than it appears.

At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we want the residents of Villanova and King of Prussia to be safe during a flooding event. Please follow these recommended necessary steps during a flood to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Check back for our upcoming blog on what to do AFTER a flood.

ServiceMaster by ARTec provides water damage restoration throughout Delaware County, PA.  Once the flood is over, give our technicians a call to restore your home and belongings back to their pre-loss condition.

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