Flooding Tips Part 1 of 3 | What To Do BEFORE A Flood in Villanova, PA

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In this segment, we’ll be focusing on what to do before a flood hits. Hopefully, with this information, you can minimize the amount of water damage that is done to your home, as well as keep your family safe. In Pennsylvania, the common flooding hazards are:

  • River flooding
  • Flash flooding
  • Ice and debris jams
  • Dam breaks and levee failure
  • Snowmelt

Here are some precautionary actions you can take before a flood occurs, according to The National Weather Service:

  • Create a communications plan with your family and friends. Doing so ahead of time will minimize any panic or uncertainty associated with the “what do we do next” conundrum. This plan should include identifying the first people to contact and what location to meet at.
  • Assembling an emergency kit is an important step prior to a flood. This kit should have enough food, water and medicine to last you and your family for three days. Other items to incorporate are flashlights, batteries, blankets, a first aid kit, water resistant clothing and a NOAA Weather Radio. Be sure this kit can be easily and quickly accessed.
  • Be informed; know when a flood is coming. There are many types of alerts you can set up on your mobile device to be notified when weather forecasts are predicting flooding events.
  • Prepare your home for flooding. Have professionals check plumbing, circuit breakers, sump pumps, etc. Obviously you can’t take care of this in a middle of a storm, so if you haven’t gotten these items checked yet, you’ll want to start setting up appointments.
  • Check on your home insurance to best understand what your flood coverage includes.
  • If substantial rain and/or flooding are going to affect your area, it’s a good idea to pack in advance. This way, if you are directed to evacuate, you can do so quickly and easily. It’s more stressful and scary to have to gather your belongings and household members at the last minute.
  • Make certain your essential electronics are charged in case there is a power outage or you have to evacuate. Having back-up batteries handy is always recommended.
  • If you feel that your home will flood considerably, don’t wait to be directed to evacuate. Leave. Follow your communications plan, and get your family to your alterative place to stay. If you have pets, take them with you, or bring them to a pre-arranged boarding facility.

At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we have seen our fair share of flooding disasters, and we want to make sure that the residents of Villanova and King of Prussia are safe from harm. Please take the necessary precautions and start planning ahead. You’ll be thankful you did!

ServiceMaster by ARTec provides water damage restoration throughout Delaware County, PA. If your home and belongings have suffered due to flooding, contact our certified professionals today to get your life back on track.

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