The Floodgates of Spring May Mean Water Damage in Springfield, PA

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April is a wonderful time of year. The trees and grass explode with fresh greenery after a long winter sleep. Flowers sprout and bloom, and there’s the long-forgotten smell of barbecue grilling wafting on the air.

That is, when it’s not raining. After all, you can’t have all that lush new greenery and sprouting freshness without a heaping helping of spring rainfall.

As necessary as spring rains are, they can become rather excessive at times. This causes the time-honored tradition of spring flooding, and that’s when spring rains carry the potential for water damage into the home, and that’s just plain irritating.

Springfield, Villanova, and King of Prussia, PA homes with basements or living rooms that are partially below ground are particularly at risk of water damage during spring flooding. Extreme ground saturation can be extremely taxing on a home’s basement walls and foundations. Water is an unrelenting force in large enough quantities, and it can seep into even the smallest of cracks or tiniest fissures and erode them into large cracks and gapping fissures. Once water makes its way through the wall or foundation, water damage becomes inevitable.

If a home is not equipped with a sump pump system or similar drainage fail-safe, water damage can be catastrophic, especially if the basement is finished with sheetrock and carpeting. Once sheetrock and carpeting become saturated, the need for water damage restoration becomes critical. Time is of the essence to prevent permanent water damage and the risk of black mold growth.

Most homes aren’t equipped to deal with a catastrophic water damage event. The necessary skills, materials and equipment just aren’t typically part of the casual homeowner’s arsenal.

ServiceMaster by ARTec, however, is precisely equipped for exactly the kinds of water damage restoration events that would otherwise overwhelm a homeowner. We possess the skills and equipment to properly and efficiently dry carpeting, drywall, upholstery and more, and we know how to prevent the kinds of mold and mildew that can turn mere water damage into a full-blown health hazard.

Spring should be a time to get out and enjoy the bounty of the season. Don’t let a water damage event turn your spring fever into debilitating illness. Call in the water damage professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec right away. We provide water damage restoration in Philadelphia, Springfield, Villanova, and throughout Delaware County, PA homes and businesses.

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