How to Prepare for Severe Weather Events that Can Cause Flood Damage in Philadelphia, PA

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We’ve all seen the disastrous events occurring in Houston, TX. Hurricane Harvey is one of the worst weather events in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina, and there may be more severe weather on its way.

According to CNN, Hurricane Irma may reach Florida and other parts of the coast. Currently labeled a category 5 storm, its potential impact threatens the safety of millions.

ServiceMaster by ARTec provides disaster restoration services such as flood damage restoration in Philadelphia, PA. Although the area isn’t currently a target for Hurricane Irma, residents should pay close attention to the forecasts in the days to come to monitor any changes.

Here are some flood damage safety tips to keep in mind as summer concludes:

  • Prepare supplies now – The list of needed items in the event of a severe storm includes flashlights, batteries, cell phones/radios, nonperishable food, two weeks’ worth of meds, first aid kits, and more. You should always have these items on hand, but in a time where severe weather is ramping up, it’s even more important to stock up
  • Have a plan in place – Do you and your family have an evacuation plan if Hurricane Irma or another severe storm happens to reach Philadelphia, PA? It’s best if you do. Your plan can include potential evacuation destinations, means of communication, and safety measures. Check reputable sources for best practices during floods
  • Keep an eye on the news – From now until the end of summer, you should pay close attention to weather reports and be ready to act

Here are some actions you should perform if a storm is imminent:

  • Bring all outside items and objects into your home. Failing to do so can cause damage to your house if these items are blown against it during high winds
  • Use storm shutters and plywood boards to cover windows
  • Review your safety plan
  • If there hasn’t been an evacuation ordered, find a safe area in your home to gather your family. Avoid any windows, and don’t leave unless the structure of your home has been compromised
  • Keep needed items nearby in case evacuation is necessary

ServiceMaster by ARTec provides flood damage repair services with dedication and care in Philadelphia, PA. While we hope no events such as Harvey occur in the area, our team is equipped to handle anything, and we’ll be in your corner when it does.

For assistance with any and all types of disaster situations, please contact us at (610) 626-9002 as soon as possible.

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