Five Things You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration for Your King of Prussia, PA Home

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You can never fully be prepared for water damage in your home. But one thing you can definitely count on is that it will be a stressful situation.

water damage restorationThere are many different factors involved in coordinating a successful water damage restoration project. Fortunately, we’ve seen it all and we know exactly what do to.

If your King of Prussia, PA home suffers water damage for any reason, please give us a call immediately. 610-626-9002

Just because a disaster isn’t likely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. With that in mind, here are some key things to know about the water damage restoration process:

There are different insurance policies for different types of water damage. You’d think water damage of any kind would be covered under homeowners insurance, but flood damage is not. Consider getting insured for flood damage if you haven’t already.

Not all water damage is covered by insurance. Be sure to read your insurance policy carefully in order to figure out what’s covered and what’s not. Several factors can come into play: for example, if you have a sump pump and your sump pump fails, water damage to your home may not be covered if you do not have the sump pump endorsement. Contact your insurance agent and make sure you have coverage. Time is of the essence. Mold can begin to grow within a mere twenty-four hours of anything being water damaged. The accumulation of mold in your home can lead to serious health risks and can require mold mitigation services.

Your insurance company should know right away. Contact your insurer immediately and provide as much detailed information as possible before you proceed with hiring a water damage restoration company.

Water damage varies in pollution levels. Water damage can be separated into different categories. Category one damage happens when the water source is clean. Category two damage happens when the water comes from a source that can be potentially harmful due to bacteria. Category three damage happens when the water source is highly contaminated, for example when you have a sewage backup. The worse part is that water damage levels can grow depending on the substances the water interacts with over time.

Now that you know the seriousness of water damage to your King of Prussia home, you’ll know to contact the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec as soon as possible when disaster strikes. Our restoration team is available 24/7 and can be reached at 610-626-9002.


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