First Impressions Matter to Your Customers in Philadelphia, PA: Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services

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Have you ever gone into a restaurant and all the tables were covered with dishes? Imagine if the tables that weren’t covered with dishes were sticky, dirty, and had bits of food all over them. What would your impression of that restaurant be? Probably not that it was so busy they just didn’t have time to clean the tables, but rather they had an inattentive staff and weren’t that concerned with cleanliness. It certainly would make you wonder what it looked like in the kitchen where they were cooking the food. All in all, a terrible impression!

If you own a business in Philadelphia, PA, and have office furniture that you’ve never maintained, it’s the same thing as those dirty, sticky restaurant tables. If your potential client comes in and sits on a sofa that has coffee stains, hair, dirt, and grime on it, what is their impression of your business going to be? Certainly not that you’re successful and organized. They may wonder what’s going on in the office behind that dirty couch and feel uneasy about doing business with you.

It’s up to you to ensure that those first impressions are top-notch, and ServiceMaster by ARTec in Philadelphia, PA can help. We provide commercial upholstery cleaning for all of your soft furnishings in your office, studio, or retail space. We can also clean curtains and pillows!

No matter what season it is, your office should shine and be a sanitary area for your clients to be welcomed into. Our professionally trained technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to draw stains, dirt, grime, hair, skin cells, and even insect droppings out of your upholstery. Our equipment will extract the water and cleaning solutions thoroughly so you won’t have to wait days for items to dry. Your furnishings will look renewed and restored, and you’ll find yourself replacing items much less frequently.

First impressions are important in business, and ServiceMaster by ARTec can help you make that impression a great one. In the Philadelphia, PA, area, contact us today at (610) 626-9002 to schedule your commercial upholstery cleaning service.

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