How ServiceMaster by ARTec Can Make Complete Fire Restoration a Reality for Media, PA, Businesses

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When you’re a business owner in Media, PA, you likely have a constant litany of “worst case scenarios” floating through your mind on a daily basis. What if that contract falls through? What if your best employee suddenly leaves? What if a fire breaks out? Lucky for you, at least one of these worst cases is in our realm of expertise. The fire damage repair experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec are prepared to step in and help your business get back on track when that worst case unexpectedly becomes reality.


Even a small fire in your company building can throw off your whole operation. Depending upon the extent of the damage, you may be displaced for days, weeks, or longer. This can mean working without all of the resources you planned to have at your disposal, impacting your revenue flow, client relations, and business contacts. Because of this, fire restoration for businesses is centered around getting your company functional as soon as possible.


Fire restoration entails a significant amount of focus on your safety. This is doubly true when business needs to continue in the midst of fire damage repair. Our fire damage repair team will inspect the site of the fire and focus primarily on mitigating environmental dangers and risk factors. There may be debris removal required or significant reconstruction efforts during what used to be normal business hours. With our fire restoration professionals, you can rest assured that our work will be done quickly, efficiently, and as unobtrusively as possible. Areas that aren’t dangerous to work in will be left untouched so business can resume or continue as usual.


After the heavy lifting is complete, our fire restoration team will clean and sanitize the impacted areas. This can include deep cleaning of company carpets, soot removal, and the removal of construction debris. This ensures that your clients and employees can safely return to work as soon and seamlessly as possible. Our fire damage repair experts are totally dedicated to getting your business back in motion.


Coping with a fire at your place of business is a worst-case scenario, and it’s too tough to tackle alone. Contact the fire damage repair professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec at (610) 626-9002 so we can start to get your Media, PA, business back up and running, or visit our website here for additional information today.

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