Fire Damage Cleanup and Why It’s Important to Select the Right Techniques

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It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of homes catch fire every year in the United States. If your home in New Castle, DE, experiences a fire, you should immediately contact the fire damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec so further destruction from soot and smoke residues can be prevented.

Here, we’ll look at how our fire damage repair technicians use their knowledge and experience to utilize the right methods when performing fire damage cleanup at your home.



Fire Damage Cleanup and the Importance of Selecting the Right Methods


Ozone and Its Harmful Effects


Fire restoration technicians often use ozone generators to remove smoke odors and reduce volatile organic compounds when conducting fire damage cleanup. However, experienced professionals are aware of the possible side effects of ozone and try to avoid using ozone generators during cleanup.


The strong oxidizing properties of ozone is the main reason why ozone generators are used during fire damage cleanup work. Being an oxidizer, ozone is able to react with chemical compounds and effectively address the problem of smoke odors in your home.


However, experienced fire damage restoration experts understand that, apart from its reaction with the chemical compounds that cause smoke odors, ozone also reacts with rubber and paint, causing damage to surfaces that are painted or have a rubber coating.


If precautionary steps aren’t taken before ozone treatment is conducted, it can result in more problems instead of providing solutions.



Hydroxyl Ions and Their Benefits


Similar to ozone, hydroxyl ions also help in removing smoke odors through the oxidation process. However, the hydroxyl ion process is considered better than ozone treatment as it is comparatively milder.


Another positive thing about hydroxyl ions is that their lifespan only lasts about a few seconds, while ozone takes between 24 to 48 hours to decay. Because of this short lifespan, hydroxyl ions won’t accumulate in your home. In addition, hydroxyl ions also expedite the removal process of volatile organic compounds from your home.


To achieve the best results, fire damage repair experts ensure that the source materials that are producing smoke odors are discarded and proper ventilation is created before hydroxyl generators are used.


To summarize, it can be said that fire damage cleanup is a task that requires professional expertise and vast experience to select the right techniques and avoid methods that can be counterproductive.



If your home in New Castle, DE, has experienced a fire, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately at (610) 626-9002. We’ll quickly dispatch a team to evaluate your home and begin the fire damage cleanup and fire damage repair work. Our proven technologies and solutions will mitigate the additional destruction your home faces due to the smoke and soot residues created by the fire as well as the water damage caused by the water used to extinguish the fire.

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