ServiceMaster by ARTec Will Help You Recover Quickly With Fire Damage Restoration Services for Your Media, PA Home

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There are few situations more devastating to a Media, PA, home than a fire. Unfortunately, some fires cause so much damage that fire damage restoration services simply can’t reverse the damage and a new home needs to be built.

If, however, you had a fire occur that compromised your home with fire damage but didn’t destroy its foundation and structure, fire damage restoration services can and will return your home to its pre-loss state.

Even if the fire didn’t completely destroy your home, the aftermath of a fire falls short of the words hopeful and promising.

You may discover soot covering large portions of your home, so much so it seems impossible to remove.

Family photos, antiques, and cherished items are grimy and tarnished. The carpets and furnishings are horribly filthy and look like they’ll need to be replaced.

Before you panic, put your trust in ServiceMaster by ARTec to provide thorough fire damage restoration services using the following process:

  • Content pack out – One of the first steps we’ll take is making sure the uncompromised items in your home are immediately removed, inventoried, and stored safely. That way, we can bring them back to the home once it’s restored
  • Pre-assessment – Our team of trained professionals will survey your entire Media, PA, home to create a plan to cover every aspect of fire damage restoration services including soot and smoke removal, repair, and other restoration tasks
  • Coordination and implementation of services – Once we discern the equipment we’ll need and roles our team member are to perform, we’ll complete the restoration in an efficient and timely manner
  • Post-restoration inspection – Our goal is to ensure not even a single remnant of fire damage remains at your Media, PA, home. Our post-restoration inspection process gives us full confidence you’ll be able to return to your home in its pre-loss state

Although even small to medium fires can seem quite devastating, your home and belongings can be saved with the help of highly trained professionals.

If you’re ever in need of fire damage restoration services, please contact ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately at (610) 626-9002.

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