Fire Damage Restoration and the Different Challenges that Experts Face during Cleanup

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Very little can escape from a fire’s destructive power, and typically, the result is significant damage to your home in New Castle, DE, and your belongings. In such a situation, you’ll have to hire an experienced firm, like ServiceMaster by ARTec, for fire damage restoration so that the correct steps can be taken to clean up the soot and smoke residue. In the following, we’ll explore some of the complexities our fire damage mitigation experts manage in properly performing cleanup at your home.


Fire Damage Restoration and Associated Challenges

Window Cleaning

During fire damage cleanup, our technicians consider different aspects to ensure the desired results are achieved. One of the challenges they have to face is when windows are to be cleaned since there are many details to be taken into consideration.

For instance, prior to starting cleanup, they analyze whether the window’s glass has experienced heat cracks or if its seal is broken. If they find such issues, then instead of cleaning these windows, our experts recommend that such windows be replaced.

Similarly, while carrying out fire damage remediation and cleaning windows, our technicians use the following cleaning products to achieve the best possible results.

  • During cleanup of a window sill, runner, and frame, our experts select a mild degreaser since they know that it will prove to be more effective compared to any aggressive cleaner.
  • For heavily damaged wooden windows, our experts use wood cream instead of other cleaning products to provide effective results.
  • If wooden windows have light contamination, then our fire damage restoration experts know that chem sponges provide better results compared to wet cleaning.


Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our fire damage repair experts select a particular cleaning method for Oriental rugs after examining the nature of fire that caused the damage. Let’s look at few of the important decisions they make while cleaning Oriental rugs.

  • Our fire damage mitigation technicians check whether there is powder residue from the burning of natural substances like wood and paper. If such powder residue is present, then they utilize dry vacuuming as part of their cleaning procedure.
  • Our technicians also analyze if Oriental rugs were affected by a low-oxygen, smoldering fire, which results in creation of sticky residue if plastic and similar other items burn. In such cases, our fire damage mitigation technicians make use of different cleaning technique.
  • During smoke damage cleanup, our trained technicians do not directly touch the Oriental rugs since it can further aggravate the issue. Our experts understand that cleaning will become difficult if the rug is touched with bare hands, combining the body oils of the hands with the smoke residue. To avoid such an issue, our fire damage restoration experts wear cotton gloves when they clean Oriental rugs.


Clearly, there are different aspects to be considered during fire damage restoration, and our technicians at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the required training and experience to carry out restoration in the appropriate manner.


Just give us a call on our customer support number at (610) 626-9002, and we’ll reach your home in New Castle, DE, to examine the severity of the problem, and start the cleanup work immediately.

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