Fire Damage Prevention in Philadelphia: Make Space for Space Heaters

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If you do experience a house fire this winter, call ServiceMaster by ARTec in Philadelphia.

You might not associate bitter winter cold with fire damage and smoke damage, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. The rude early arrival of winter has no doubt prompted hundreds, if not several thousands, of people to dig out their space heaters far earlier in the season than expected. To prevent needing fire restoration in Philadelphia, PA, it’s important to use caution when firing up these appliances.

As wonderful as space heaters can be, they can contribute to an increase in fire damage risk, particularly if the space heater is an older model. Whereas most space heaters purchased today are designed to automatically turn off if they get knocked over, there are plenty of old-school space heaters that keep churning out the heat whether they’re upright or not.

Even space heaters with automatic shut off mechanisms can still pose fire damage risks, especially if hair, cobwebs and other flammable materials have accumulated within them during storage, so inspect space heaters carefully before turning them on for the first time this winter.

Additionally, leaving a space heater on carpeting or a rug is generally not a good idea. While the chances for fire damage are relatively low, it’s still a good idea to place space heaters on surfaces that aren’t quite so flammable. Keep a flat piece of tile handy, if possible.

Keep an area of about three feet clear around any space heaters. While most space heaters don’t radiate heat intensive enough to ignite most objects, things like fuzzy pet toys or Barbie hair can combust if exposed to enough heat for enough time. So, give your space heaters some… well…space.

Smoke and fire damage restoration are very real specters this time of year, whether resulting from space heater use or for other reasons. With temperatures this cold, it’s important to recover from a fire damage event quickly so you and your family aren’t exposed to the outside elements for very long.

ServiceMaster by ARTec are experts when it comes from fire damage restoration in Philadelphia, Media, Ardmore, Clifton Heights, and West Chester, PA. We quickly and thoroughly assess a fire damage restoration situation to determine the best path to return your home to pre-loss condition. We have the tools and talent on hand to clean up and repair fire damage and deodorize any smoke damage.

Don’t let a fire damage event this winter leave you out in the cold. Call ServiceMaster by ARTec right away.

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