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After a fire, the first actions you will have to take are caring for family members and arranging for temporary living accommodations. After that, contact the trained and experienced fire damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec so they can take the immediate steps required to stop further damage to your home from soot and smoke residues.

If immediate restoration steps are taken, it will help in preventing mold problems that may surface due to high moisture content in your Media, PA, home. Our aim here will be to explore how experts utilize their experience to make the right decisions while performing fire damage cleanup.


Selection of Right Procedures During Fire Damage Restoration

Cleanup of Vinyl

If the vinyl-based wall covering has fabric backing with multiple color patterns, it can lose colors if mechanical action is performed or abrasive cleaners are used along with water-based cleaning.

Experts are well-aware of this problem and will test for individual colors. Testing is done in an unobtrusive location of the wall covering before cleaning is carried out to make sure mechanical actions or abrasive cleaners don’t damage the wall covering’s colors.


Cleanup of Printed Wallpapers

One of the characteristics of printed wallpaper is that it’s very absorbent. Due to this fact, fire damage cleanup technicians remain alert when they use water-soluble cleaning agents.

Technicians are more inclined to use water-soluble or petroleum-based cleaners since they understand that if used in controlled settings, they prove to be useful in the proper cleaning of printed wallpapers.

However, before performing actual cleanup, fire damage restoration technicians test sections of the wallpaper to select the right technique for cleaning.


Cleanup of Wall Coverings

  • Wall Coverings – Foil: The main properties of these wall coverings are that they resist water and have a glossy appearance. Well-aware of these properties, technicians stay away from using mechanical action as it can cause the prints to dissolve.
  • Wall Coverings – Flock: If the wall covering consists of flock material, it will be quite absorbent. Due to this absorbent nature, these wall coverings will retain smoke particles more readily. Fire damage cleanup technicians keep note of this fact while selecting a cleaning procedure.
  • Wall Coverings – Fabric: To select the right cleaning technique, experts check the adhesive that binds the wall covering to the wall to determine if it’s of a solvent or water-based nature to make the appropriate decision.


Experience and training are quite important in fire damage cleanup work. The experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec in Media, PA, have the required training and certification to perform such tasks with utmost competency. Call us 24/7 at (610) 626-9002 for professional fire damage cleanup.

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