How the Experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec Meet the Challenges of Fire Damage Cleanup Work in Philadelphia, PA Homes

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A fire in the home can be a devastating experience for homeowners. Even after the fire is extinguished, the smoke and soot residues will continue to damage belongings. For this reason, it’s important to contact ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately for professional fire damage cleanup in Philadelphia, PA so steps can be taken to clean and restore your home.


When there’s a structural fire, the fire damage cleanup and odor removal process can be very complex. Our experts must consider multiple factors ranging from what materials burned to extreme temperatures plus many other variables to plan a strategy that will work best in a particular situation.


For instance, our fire damage restoration technicians understand that the amount of damage sustained by any surface will vary depending upon its height and proximity to the fire. Normally, in any affected space, higher levels experience elevated temperatures which results in opening and expansion of surface pores.


This allows smoke odors to penetrate deep into those surfaces. With such in-depth knowledge of different fire damage situations, our experts are able to utilize a fire damage cleanup strategy that will provide the best results.


After the initial analysis of the situation and development of a fire damage remediation strategy, our team starts work on fire damage cleanup and odor mitigation.



The Fire Damage Cleanup and Odor Mitigation Process

1: Source Removal

The first thing our technicians do is remove non-restorable contaminants that are causing smoke odors such as fallen wallboard or wood that is heavily charred. After that, a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum is used to remove soot from all the surfaces.


Our fire damage cleanup technicians understand that longer exposure to unpleasant odors will result in deeper infiltration of those odors into surfaces.


2: Use of Odor Counteractants

Next, our smoke damage mitigation experts start the application of odor counteractants, particularly on floor areas, as they know almost eighty percent of smoke residues deposit over horizontal surfaces.


3: Actual Cleaning

Thorough cleaning helps in proper restoration of the home and its belongings as well as controlling odors. Our technicians make use of degreasers to get rid of soot residues.


4: Air Filtration

This task involves the use of air filtration equipment that utilizes activated carbon filtering to trap lingering smoke odors. Another option our fire damage cleanup experts employ is hydroxyl generators that make use of ultraviolet light for oxidizing and removing odors.


As you can see, there are many aspects to be considered during fire damage cleanup work. The experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the certification, training, and experience to manage all the complexities. You can contact us at (610) 626-9002 or by using this contact form. We will quickly dispatch a fire damage cleanup team to your home in Philadelphia, PA, analyze the situations, and start the fire damage mitigation restoration work.

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