Top Reasons Why Fire Damage Cleanup Is Not a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Task

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Fire usually causes a lot of damage since it can spread rapidly. If your home has been engulfed by a fire, then getting the help of a professional company such as ServiceMaster by ARTec for fire damage cleanup will be necessary to prevent any further damage to your home and its belongings due to water used to extinguish the fire as well as smoke and soot residues.

At first, you may think you can perform restoration work yourself, but it’s much better to hand over this task to experienced technicians. In the following, we look at a few reasons why you should let fire damage restoration experts take on the remediation work at your home in Media, PA.


Reasons Highlighting the Value of Hiring Experts for Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire restoration involves different complex tasks and industrial-grade equipment to properly carry out the cleanup work. In addition, you need to expedite the restoration process since water damage incurred from stopping the fire can continue to worsen over time.

Moreover, after the fire, you’ll be busy handling other important tasks such as arranging temporary accommodation for your family, taking care of insurance matters, and managing any health issues that family members may now face due to the fire.

In these circumstances, restoring your home becomes a secondary concern. By handing over the cleanup task to fire damage repair technicians, you’ll be able to concentrate on other concerns and have the assurance that your home and its belongings will be restored by experts.


Reason #1: Access to Industrial-grade Equipment

Specialized equipment used by technicians for restoration work is generally quite costly and cannot be used for tasks other than fire damage cleanup.

For instance, thermal foggers and ozonation devices used by technicians for the purpose of removing smoke odors are expensive and can be very difficult to operate without the necessary technical knowledge.


Reason #2: Concurrent Operations

Appliances get discolored within a couple of hours after the flames are extinguished and water used to douse the fire results in mold growth in the next 24 hours. Similarly, metal starts to rust and walls become discolored within a few days after the fire. Given these issues, it becomes important to take immediate steps to restore your home and belongings to reduce any further loss.

Professional firms have access to the needed labor resources to expedite the fire damage repair process and can complete several tasks simultaneously.

To conclude, there are several aspects to be managed during fire damage cleanup, which confirms that this is not a do-it-yourself task.

By hiring experts like those at ServiceMaster by ARTec, you’ll be able to focus on other important tasks while we take care of restoring your home and belongings in Media, PA. Just give us a call on our helpline number at (610) 626-9002, and we’ll visit your home, examine the severity of the fire damage, and immediately start restoration tasks to repair your home to its pre-fire condition.

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