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When a home in West Chester, PA is damaged by fire, it can be a traumatic experience and result in significant loss. Fire damage to property requires the need for immediate fire damage cleanup to prevent smoke and soot residues from continuing to damage the surfaces they settle upon. Today, we’ll look at the various steps our experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec take to clean and restore the cabinetry in your home.

 Fire Damage Restoration and the Challenges in Properly Cleaning Cabinetry

When cabinetry is cleaned after a fire, the technicians must deal with soot and smoke residues as well as pre-existing oil and grease buildup from cooking. The cleaning procedures used by our experts will differ depending on the level of soot and smoke exposure.

Cabinets with Low Smoke/Soot Exposure

During the process of fire damage cleanup, if the cabinets appear to be quite clean, the cleaning procedure involves:

  • HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces on the outside and inside of the cabinetry
  • After vacuuming, experts use a cleaning solution that contains a deodorizer and mild degreaser to wipe all interior and exterior surfaces
  • All cabinet surfaces are rinsed with clean, hot water
  • A hydroxyl generator is utilized for twenty-four hours, and cabinet doors are kept open while the hydroxyl generator is running


Cabinets with High Smoke/Soot Exposure

If there is heavy soot and smoke damage, our experts do the following:

  • Loose dirt is removed from interior and exterior surfaces with a HEPA vacuum
  • Cabinets are then scrubbed using a cleaning solution that is mixed in hot water. Technicians also mix two to six ounces of a strong deodorizer in the cleaning solution to deodorize the cabinets while the cleaning is performed
  • Interiors of the cabinets are cleaned first with a microfiber cloth. The same process is then performed on the exterior of the cabinets


Professional expertise is a must when fire damage cleanup is to be performed in the proper manner. ServiceMaster by ARTec employs the trained and experienced technicians who can carefully and safely restore your home and belongings in West Chester, PA. If your home has suffered fire damage, contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002. We’ll promptly send a team of experienced professionals to evaluate the damage and begin the required steps to meticulously clean and restore your home and belongings as quickly as possible.

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